Explain how changes to an environment's biodiversity influence human resources.

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LS4: Biological Change: Unity and Diversity

Fishery departments set catch limits on fish. Catch limits tell people how many fish they can keep each day.

How are catch limits good for people?

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Science and Engineering Practice

3.LS4.3 Explain how changes to an environment’s biodiversity influence human resources.

Component Idea:

D. Biodiversity and Humans

Even a very small space around the school yard or in a neighborhood will have many different types of organisms living there, and these organisms can usually be found on other places on Earth.

Changes to this biodiversity can be brought on by habitat destruction, pollution, introduction to invasive species, or overuse of shared resources. Healthy ecosystems provide humans with natural resources and perform various ecosystem services. Examples of how an environment’s biodiversity can influence human resources may include food, medicines, and functions (such as scrubbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere). When a species is threatened due to overexploitation is can lead to a decrease in a human resource.  An example of this is the overexploitation of fish leaving a shrinking population of food.

Stability and Change

Students begin to describe changes in terms of time over which they occur; their rate.

Obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information    

(O/E) Students can read and summarize text and embedded, non-text elements from multiple sources synthesizing an understanding on a scientific idea. (C) Students can communicate scientific information in writing utilizing embedded elements.