CTE Task: Selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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Introduction to Plant Science and Hydroculture


1 hour


Selecting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Task Description


In this activity, students will:

  • film themselves demonstrating the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for a pesticide or chemical used in their home, farm, or greenhouse.

Introduction to Plant Science and Hydroculture, Standard 13: Demonstrate understanding of common classes of chemicals used for pest management. Gather and evaluate information regarding PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for chemical application and demonstrate appropriate use of PPE. Create a checklist for safe storage and handling of pesticides.

Greenhouse Management, Standard 24: Demonstrate in a live setting or in a presentation the ability to follow pesticide procedures precisely according to label and safety guidelines, including selection, handling, personal protective equipment (PPE), application, storage, and disposal.

 Content Understandings

Extending Understandings

Upon successful completion of these tasks, students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Discuss the importance of identifying and using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) including topics such as:
    • Identifying minimum PPE for a given product,
    • stating criteria for proper skin, eye, and respiratory protection,
    • selecting the proper types of equipment to prevent exposure and contamination,
    • explaining the importance of wearing approved respiratory protection, and
    • explaining how to properly clean and/or dispose of PPE.

To move students towards deeper understanding, they should be given opportunities to:

  • research the different types of chemical cartridges and canisters to make a recommendation for a specific chemical;
  • explain how to check to ensure PPEs have not been compromised.

Support Strategies

If students are struggling to access this task, additional supports and strategies could be employed as students are engaging with the task.

Key Terms

Sentence Frames

Scaffolded Questions







After filling the tank sprayer, I __________________ the rubber gloves by washing them with soap and water before taking them off my hands.


____________________ certifies that all respirators are tested and meet specific air filtration standards.

Describe the difference between the two classes of respirators.


Which types of respirators does NIOSH recommend for most agricultural applications? Why?


Instructional Resources

Wallace, J. (2020). National Pesticide Applicator Certification Core Manual, 2nd Edition [Online handout]. Dickson County School. Google Classroom. https://classroom.google.com/h


Additional Instructional Resources

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Research Foundation. (2014). National Pesticide Applicators Certification Core Manual, 2nd Edition. https://www.nasda.org/foundation/pesticide-applicator-certification-and-training

Task Activity Steps

  1. Students will film themselves inspecting and demonstrating the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) needed for a pesticide or chemical used in their home, farm, or greenhouse. The student will include the following information before demonstrating the use of the PPE:
    1. chemical name,
    2. minimum clothing and PPE required to handle the product, and
    3. any specific PPE criteria such as rubber gloves or respiratory filter.
  2. Teacher will provide grading expectations and submission directions to the students.