CTE Task: Project Management Template

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Work-Based Learning: Career Practicum


 90 minutes


Productivity and Accountability through Project Management

Task Description


In this activity, students will:

  • hear a brief lecture about the concept of project management;
  • discuss potential medium to long-term school-based projects and desired outcomes of those projects;
  • review a basic project management template; and
  • populate the project management template for a grade


  • Standard 15: Demonstrate productivity and accountability: Manage time and projects effectively by setting goals; developing and using a system for prioritizing, planning and managing daily work; and seeking assistance and adjusting plans to adapt to changing circumstances. Demonstrate attention to detail, and degree of precision and accuracy appropriate to the task. Demonstrate accountability to coworkers and supervisors and customers by delivering work to agreed-upon standards and completing agreed-upon projects on time, and exhibiting pride in workmanship.

 Content Understandings

Extending Understandings

Upon successful completion of these tasks students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Define terms related to project management;


  • Explain the purpose and importance of project management for personal and business purposes;


  • Apply project management concepts to a new or existing project; and


  • Create a detailed project plan.


To move students towards deeper understanding, they should be given opportunities to:

  • Review other students’ project plans and provide feedback on their work;


  • Create a presentation for younger students about project planning; and  


  • Write a reflective journal entry or blog post about a previous project that would have resulted in a better outcome if they had applied project management concepts.




Support Strategies

If students are struggling to access this task, additional supports and strategies could be employed as students are engaging with the task.

Key Terms


Sentence Frames

Scaffolded Questions


















A positive, yet unexpected ______________ from cleaning the campsite was a stronger sense of unity within our team.




The team has a project ________________ due this afternoon and may have to postpone work on other projects to complete it.





On March 24, the committee reached its third _____________ of successfully delivering all of the invitations for the prom.

How will the completion of this project help others? Could this project help anyone else in the community? If so, how?




After completing phase I of your project, what will be created? What will the finished product ultimately look like?





By what date will you need all the materials for your project? How can you make sure this deadline is met?


Additional Resources

Videos and Articles

During the project planning. (2019, Nov 23). Clarizen Blog. Retrieved from https://www.clarizen.com/milestone-vs-deliverable-whats-the-difference/

Clayton, M. (2018, Feb 28). What are project outcomes? Project management in under 5. [Video]. https://youtu.be/rRKCxzNAbew

DecisionSkills. (2014, May 22). SMART goals – quick overview. [Video]. https://youtu.be/1-SvuFIQjK8

Student Resources

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Project Management Template

Project Title:


Project Team:

List the Names of all team members.




Needs Assessment:

Concisely Describe the problem this project addresses.


Project Goal(s)/Outcome(s):

List at least one desired outcome that your project will accomplish. Use the SMART model to create your goal(s)/outcome(s).





What are the key events that must happen for this project to succeed?



Person(s) Responsible:

















What will be created as a result of this project?



Person(s) Responsible:











Project Summary