CTE Task: Planning Pesticide Applications​

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Landscaping and Turf Science


90 minutes


Planning Pesticide Applications

Task Description


In this activity, students will

  • create a presentation to help the general public understand the proper planning phases to ensure the safe application of a pesticide.

Landscaping and Turf Science, Standard 13: Demonstrate in a live setting or in a presentation the ability to properly mix and apply pesticides precisely, attending to important safety standards, selection, handling, application, storage, and disposal.

 Content Understandings

Extending Understandings

Upon successful completion of these tasks, students will demonstrate the ability to:

    • explain how to select appropriate pesticide and any needed additives,
    • determine if two or more pesticides may be tank-mixed,
    • describe label directions for safe mixing and loading,
    • explain methods to prevent pesticide contamination of water sources during mixing, loading, and cleaning,
    • explain how to measure pesticides accurately using proper utensils and devices,
    • outline basic procedures to ensure proper pesticide application, and
    • explain the process to safely clean and store application equipment.

To move students towards deeper understanding, they should be given opportunities to:

  • research methods to prevent pesticide contamination during the application process, and
  • compare and contrast the basics of professionalism for pesticide applicators.

Support Strategies

If students are struggling to access this task, additional supports and strategies could be employed as students are engaging with the task.

Key Terms

Sentence Frames

Scaffolded Questions







Before mixing any two pesticides together, run an _________________ test to check see if any chemical reaction takes place and produce new substances.


After cleaning the tank sprayer, the farmer collected the ___________ from the cleaned tank and applied it to a labeled sited below label rates.

Why should a business develop a pesticide security program?


Why should a retail business be concerned with the storage of pesticides on the sales floor?


Instructional Resources

National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Research Foundation. (2014). National Pesticide Applicators Certification Core Manual, 2nd Edition. https://www.nasda.org/foundation/pesticide-applicator-certification-and-training


Special Thanks

Special thanks to Jason Wallace of Dickson County Schools for his contribution to the development of this resource.

Task Activity Steps

  1. Students will create a presentation to help the general public understand the proper planning phases to ensure the safe application of a pesticide. The presentation should include the following topics:
    1. How to select the correct pesticide of the application
    2. Reviewing the label
    3. Pesticide compatibility
    4. How to choose the correct PPE
    5. The process for safely mixing, transfer, and application of pesticides
    6. Cleaning and disposal procedures
  2. Teacher will provide presentation and grading expectations in addition to submission directions to the students.