Teaching Tennessee, CTE Task: Online Pre-Law I Debate


  • Students will use Kialo, the online debate platform to debate criminal justice ethical issues. 


  • Career Cluster: Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security 
  • Program of Study: Pre-Law 
  • Course name(s): Pre-Law I 
  • Main topic: ethics, debate 


11) Collect codes of ethics from professional organizations in legal services including Tennessee Rules of Professional Conduct, Tennessee Code of Judicial Conduct, and Federal Code of Conduct and examine areas of commonality. Synthesize principles from the codes of ethics to create a personal code of ethics.  

12) Examine real-world situations that involve ethical dilemmas and the application of correct professional conduct as highlighted in recent news articles. Craft an argumentative essay making a claim about the importance of ethics and professional standards for persons working in legal services, citing examples from case studies to argue for the relevance of professional codes of conduct.  

13) Analyze how the influence of diverse cultures and customs impacts the field of legal services. Describe the importance of cultural differences when making decisions within the context of criminal, civil, and immigration law.  

*Each group will be given a different debate topic from the standard.