CTE Task: A Meal Plan for the Band


Students will create and electronically present three meal plans for a Grammy Award winning band that has a variety of dietary needs. 


  • Career Cluster: Human Services 
  • Program of Study: Dietetics and Nutrition 
  • Course name(s): Nutrition Across the Lifespan 
  • Main topic: meal plan, dietary need, RDA 


Nutrition Across the Lifespan Std. 7) Analyze a variety of meal plans that meet nutritional requirements (caloric and RDA) as recommended by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Create a meal plan that addresses the nutritional needs of a specific individual based on their age, gender, activity level and other factors, and justify choices using evidence. Select, prepare, and serve food(s) from the meal plan following recipes precisely, including defining and utilizing specific culinary and measurement terms as needed. Practice proper serving and etiquette principles during appropriate situations.