CTE Task: The Marketing Mix – Product, Promotion, Place, & Price


In this task, students will develop a marketing strategy for a product or service using the 4Ps of the marketing mix.


  • Career Cluster: Finance, Business Management & Administration, Marketing, Distribution & Logistics  
  • Program of Study: Accounting, Banking & Finance, Business Management, Health Services Administration, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management  
  • Course name(s): Introduction to Business & Marketing  
  • Main topic: Marketing Mix 


Introduction to Business & Marketing, Standard 20: Describe the components of the marketing mix (i.e. product, place, promotion, and price). Investigate the launch of a new product or service; research how the company employed the marketing mix to aid in the launch; then create a presentation highlighting successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Additionally, critique the company’s strategies and suggest alternative ideas for future campaigns, following the principles of the marketing mix.