CTE Task: Charge Battery

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Maintenance and Light Repair II (MLR II)


30 minutes


Charge Battery

Task Description


Students will:

  • Watch the linked videos using guided notes
  • Complete the worksheet
  • Record a video of themselves describing the steps and tools involved in performing a battery charge.


Safety Note: If possible, students should do this task with a vehicle, but ensure the students do so safely.

Perform slow/fast battery charge according to manufacturer’s recommendations. (4.5)

Overall Standard (4): Students will inspect, test, and service vehicle batteries.

 Content Understandings

Extending Understandings

Upon successful completion of these tasks students will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Explain why a battery may need to be recharged.
  • Select the tools required.
  • Describe required safety precautions.
  • Locate the positive battery terminal.
  • Locate the negative battery terminal.
  • Describe how to connect the leads of the battery charger.
  • Explain how to be sure the battery is fully charged.
  • Describe how to disconnect the leads of the battery charger. 

To move students towards deeper understanding, they should be given opportunities to:

  • Explain why battery chargers may be different.
  • Describe how a battery voltage can be tested with a multimeter.

Support Strategies

If students are struggling to access this task, additional supports and strategies could be employed as students are engaging with the task.

Key Terms                                                                                                                             

Sentence Frames

Scaffolded Questions


The ______________ can be used to test the voltage of a battery in the vehicle.  

How many volts should the multimeter show for a standard vehicle battery?

Instructional Resources


Videos to watch (see note guide below)

Ehowauto (2015, May 20) How to Charge Your Car Battery (Video) YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXzKBu0nh2M (2:20 minutes)

Ehowauto (2009, January 27) Auto Repair & Maintenance: How to Charge a Car Battery (Video) YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GSbX1IiTMo (1:30 minutes)

The Home Depot (2019, September 14) How to Charge a Car Battery | DIY Car Repairs (Video) YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpKKbdX7PIs (1:30 minutes)

JP Auto & Fleet Services (2018, September 25) How Do I Recharge My Car Battery | How Long To Charge A Car Battery At 2 AMPS (Video) YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SazV1MGSaYc (5:15 minutes)


Student Resources

Click here to download the student resource for this task. 


Student Video Guide


Reasons to charge the battery

  • The vehicle was left in storage for extended time.
  • Lights were left on and the battery has a weak charge.
  • The battery has no charge and won’t start.
  • It is a new battery without a full charge.


Notes on battery chargers

  • There are many different types of battery chargers.
  • Always follow the specifications and directions for the particular battery charger being used.


Steps in recharging a battery

  • Locate the battery and terminals.
  • Prepare the battery charger.
    • Read the specifications for that specific charger.
    • Be sure it is OFF – for extra safety you may unplug it.
  • Connect the red/positive lead of the battery charger to the positive battery terminal – ensure connection is good.
  • Connect the black/negative lead of the battery charger to the negative battery terminal – ensure connection is good – for extra safety you may connect this lead to a grounding point on the vehicle.
  • Set the battery charger to the proper setting in accordance with the specifications.
    • Select appropriate volts and amps for the battery.
    • The amount of recharging time depends on battery charger and battery.
    • Use the battery charger specifications and owner’s manual to determine when the battery is fully charged.
  • Turn the battery charger ON.
  • Recharge the battery – be sure to not overcharge the battery.
  • Turn the battery charger OFF.
  • Disconnect the leads of the battery charger – disconnect the negative lead first, then the positive lead.
  • Start vehicle or test the battery to verify successful recharging.


Student Worksheet

Questions for after watching all resources


What are reasons to recharge a battery?




What safety precautions are required while recharging a battery?




What tools and parts are needed?




What are the steps to recharge a vehicle battery?