Weekly Overview

Weekly Topics

The guiding questions and big ideas addressed in this week’s lessons are:

  1. How is the adolescent brain changing?
  2. Should screen time be limited? Why or why not?
  3. How can I make an informed decision about an issue and then effectively argue my position?
  4. The teenage brain is in a period of dynamic growth and change that is unique to this stage of my life.
  5. Researchers wonder how screen time affects the development of adolescents.
  6. Effective arguments include sound, relevant, and sufficient evidence.

Lesson Overviews

  1. Students will analyze photos, videos, and quotes to find a main idea. Students will also determine important ideas in the article “Teens and Decision Making.”
  2. Students will determine the main idea and supporting ideas/details in “Teens and Decision Making.” Students will also determine the meaning of unknown technical words.
  3. Students will compare a text-only version of “The Child’s Developing Mind” to the multimedia version of that text. Students will analyze the impact of techniques unique to text and multimedia.
  4. Students will analyze the main ideas and supporting ideas/details in “Insight into the Teenage Brain.” Students will summarize the main idea and supporting details in a well-explained paragraph.
  5. Students will analyze the main idea and supporting ideas/details in “Development of the Young Brain.” Students will compare the text and video of “Development of the Young Brain.”

Materials List

The following materials list will be used for the entire four weeks: Materials List.

Weekly Assessment

Alternative Video Links

The links in this document are for users who cannot access the links in the lesson plans.