Weekly Overview

Weekly Topics 

The focus of this week’s instruction is to strengthen writing skills by: 

  • Writing two stanzas to add to a narrative poem 
  • Writing a narrative to explain what happens next in a narrative 
  • Write a descriptive paragraph describing what might be in the Widow’s pot 
  • Writing a narrative from the point of view of one of the characters in the story using dialogue, retelling the events of the fable from the beginning to the end of today’s section of reading 
  • Writing an opinion based on Mr. and Mrs. Chu’s decision to take the golden beetle from Widow Wang’s kitchen 

Lesson Overviews 

  • LESSON 1: Students will read “Casey at the Bat” and analyze the author’s point of view by looking at the author’s word choice
  • LESSON 2:. Students will analyze the structure of “Casey at the Bat” to reveal the changes in emotion throughout the course of the poem, targeting changes from stanza to stanza. 
  • LESSON 3: Students will create a character chart for “Why the Dog Hates the Cat” to demonstrate comprehension of the fable and character interactions. 
  • LESSON 4: Students will read “Why the Dog Hates the Cat” to learn that characters are impacted by their circumstances and these circumstances also change how characters interact with one another. 
  • LESSON 5: Students will read “Why the Dog Hates the Cat” to identify two new characters in the fable and investigate the way they choose to solve their problem. 

Materials List

The following materials list will be used for the entire four weeks: Materials List.

Weekly Assessment

Student Print Materials

Student activities and print materials (if applicable) are included in the daily lesson plans.

Alternative Video Links

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