Weekly Overview

Weekly Topics 

The focus of this week’s instruction is to strengthen writing skills by: 

  • Writing inferences about American Sports 
  • Writing the gist of an informational text 
  • Writing opinions and evidence from text 
  • Writing a summary of a narrative poem 
  • Writing a descriptive paragraph 

Lesson Overviews 

  • LESSON 1: In this lesson, students will draw inferences from visual images and quotes focused on American Sports.  Students will work individually and collaboratively to draw inferences about the history of American sports. 
  • LESSON 2: Students will determine and write the gist of an informational text. 
  • LESSON 3: Students will read the text “It’s Not Just a Game” closely to determine the author’s opinion and evidence from chunks of the text.  Students will work collaboratively and independently throughout the lesson.   
  • LESSON 4: Students will read “Casey at the Bat“ to learn how to read and make meaning of a narrative poem with a focus on analyzing how unfamiliar words can be understood by using context clues. 
  • LESSON 5: Students will read “Casey at the Bat” to learn how to use visualization as a way to understand figurative language; targeting descriptive words and phrases that evoke emotion. 

Materials List

The following materials list will be used for the entire four weeks: Materials List.

Weekly Assessment

Student Print Materials

Student activities and print materials (if applicable) are included in the daily lesson plans.

Alternative Video Links

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