Weekly Overview

Weekly Topics

The focus of this week’s instruction is to strengthen writing skills by:

  1. Writing a summary paragraph which includes why the character, Keesh, decided to speak at the council meeting.
  2. Writing a narrative extending the story to include the new relationship between Keesh and the villagers.
  3. Writing an explanatory paragraph about the words and actions the author uses to describe Keesh.
  4. Writing about the theme in the text that centers around leadership.
  5. Creating a legend using the characteristics of the genre.

Lesson Overviews

  1. Determine how to draw inferences about a character’s motivations, drawing on character’s words and actions.
  2. Students will infer, using evidence from the text, to determine the relationship changes between Keesh and the villagers.  Then, students will write a narrative about the new relationship.
  3. Students will infer, using evidence from the text, to determine the character traits of Keesh.  Then, students will write an explanatory paragraph about how the author uses words and phrases to describe Keesh.
  4. Students will analyze events from the text to determine the theme of the story.
  5. Students will identify the story elements and legend characteristics of “The Legend of Keesh and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.”

Materials List

The following materials list will be used for the entire four weeks: Materials List.

Weekly Assessment

Student Print Materials

Student activities and print materials (if applicable) are included in the daily lesson plans.

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