Weekly Overview

Week 3: Weekly Overview

Weekly Topics

The focus of this week’s instruction is to strengthen writing skills by:

  1. Writing a summary using key details from the text The Tale of Peter Rabbit
  2. Writing a paragraph to describe the character of Peter in the text.
  3. Explaining how the illustrations in The Tale of Peter Rabbit help provide mood in the story.
  4. Developing an opinion, introduce a text, and find supporting text evidence in an opinion essay.
  5. Drafting an opinion essay using information on a graphic organizer.

Lesson Overviews

  1. Students will gain an understanding of determining main events by using the Somebody Wanted But So strategy. 
  2. Students describe a character using evidence from the text that shows how a character thinks or acts.
  3. Using illustrations to show what is happening and create mood in the text.  
  4. Students will use The Tale of Peter Rabbit to develop an opinion, learn how to write an introduction, and find supporting text evidence in an opinion essay with a focus on planning with a prewriting graphic organizer.
  5. Students will learn how to take ideas collected on a graphic organizer to construct a draft of an opinion essay about The Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Materials List

The following materials list will be used for the entire four weeks: Materials List

Weekly Assessment

Student Print Materials

Student activities and print materials (if applicable) are included in the daily lesson plans.

Alternative Video Links

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