Weekly Overview

Weekly Topics

The focus of this week’s instruction is to strengthen writing skills by:

  • Writing a character description that includes text evidence. 
  • Writing a retelling of a part of the story from the perspective of Otter. 
  • Writing a paragraph that explain the events in the text that show a common theme. 
  • Writing a different version of a portion of the story if the season had been summer instead of winter.  
  • Writing from the perspective of Rat or Mole to thank Mr. Badger for his hospitality.  

Lesson Overviews

  • Lesson 1 -Students will be able to determine character traits of main characters by analyzing what characters say and do in a story. 
  • Lesson 2 -Students will gain an understanding of perspective in the story “Wind in the Willows”.    
  • Lesson 3 -Students will gain an understanding of the common themes that run throughout the text “The Wind in the Willows”.
  • Lesson 4 - Students will gain an understanding of how the setting contributes to events in the story. 
  • Lesson 5 - Students will be able to determine character perspective from dialogue found in the text. 

Materials List

The following materials list will be used for the entire four weeks: Materials List.

Weekly Assessment

Student Print Materials

Student activities and print materials (if applicable) are included in the daily lesson plans.

Alternative Video Links

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