Understanding GHS Safety Data Sheets Task

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Task Length: 1 hour to 1 hour and 20 minutes

Course: Any CTE course that covers safety related Safety Data Sheets

Understanding GHS Safety Data Sheets (Formerly MSDS)

Task Description

Standards from Selected Programs of Study for Example:

Students will:

  • Watch the linked video and complete the guided notes
  • Complete a review of a chemical GHS Chemical Safety Data Sheet
  • Film themselves explaining the safety aspects for using the chemical.

Note: This task can be used with the safety standards for the following career clusters:

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Arts, Audio/Visual Technology, and Communications
  • Education and Training
  • Health Science
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Human Services
  • Information Technology
  • Law, Public Safety, and Logistics
  • Marketing, Distribution & Logistics
  • STEM
  • Transportation

AFNR - Veterinary Science

5) Demonstrate in a live setting or in a presentation the ability to follow procedures precisely for the following areas:

    1. Animal restraint and handling in clinical or field settings
    2. Sanitation, disinfection, and sterilization procedures to prevent transfer of zoonotic diseases
    3. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) interpretation (Now known as GHS Safety Data Sheets)



 Content Understandings

Extending Understandings

Upon successful completion of these tasks students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Interpret chemical GHS Labeling System data
  2. Interpret and provide lifesaving information

To move students towards deeper understanding, they should be given opportunities to:

  • Teach other students or family members to use Safety Data Sheets to interpret lifesaving information.

Support Strategies

If students are struggling to access this task, additional supports and strategies could be employed as students are engaging with the task.

Key Terms

Sentence Frames

Scaffolded Questions

GHS (Globally Harmonized System)


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)

  1. Before a company release a new chemical, a container label and a safety data sheet must be developed using the _____ labeling system.
  2. ________________ published the Revised Hazard Communication standards that require Safety Data Sheets.
  1. Why is it important to have a systemic process to publish or report chemical safety data?
  2. Why is it important for employees to have access to the safety data sheets even when the chemical has a label?

Additional Resources

“Understanding the GHS Safety Data Sheets” (OSHA Training Services. (2013, Sept. 13). Free OSHA Training Tutorial – Understanding GHS Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) [Video] YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCI7XXExs7s&t=937s)

"Example Safety Data Sheet #1" (Chemical Safety Software. (2020) Sigma-Aldrich [Safety Data Sheet]. Retrieved from SAFETY DATA SHEET

"Example Safety Data Sheet #1" Chemical Safety Software. (2020). Airgas [Safety Data Sheet]. Retrieved from SAFETY DATA SHEET

"Example Safety Data Sheet #3" (Chemical Safety Software. (2020). CRC Industries [Safety Data Sheet]. Retrieved from SAFETY DATA SHEET

“Safety Data Sheet Search” (Chemical Safety Software. (2020). Safety Data Sheet Search [Online]. Retrieved from https://chemicalsafety.com/sds-search/

Student Resource

Click here to download the Guided Notes for this task. 


Guided Notes for Watching the Understanding the GHS Labeling System Video

Directions: Use these notes as a guide to capture important information about Safety Data Sheets.


  1. The original Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Act rules were published in ___________.
  2. The OSHA Hazard Communication Standards published in _________ was also known as the ______________________________.
  3. The new GHS labeling system requires
  1. _____________________________________
  2. ____________________________
  1. The “GHS” labeling system referrers to the __________________________________of classification and labeling of chemicals. (Note: List at least the name of each section below to help complete the review task)

Section 1:

Section 2:

Section 3:

Section 4:

Section 5:

Section 6:

Section 7:

Section 8:

Section 9:

Section 10:

Section 11:

Section 12:

Section 13:

Section 14:

Section 15:

Section 16:


Student’s Name: _________________________                            Date: _______________

Chemical Safety Data Information Sheet




1. What is the name of the product?


2. What is the classification of the substance or mixture and the GHS Label Signal Work for this product?


3. Describe the appearance and odor of this product.


4. What steps should be taken if the product is spilled?


5. What are the hazardous chemicals that make up this product?


6. Describe the first aid procedure to be followed if the product comes in contact with your eyes.


7. If the product catches on fire, how should it be extinguished?


8. What is the correct way to store this product?


9. What types of protective gear should be used when handling this product?


10. If an emergency occurred with this product how you could get information to help you?