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Teaching Tennessee Fall 2020, 4th Grade Science

  • Subject(s): Science
  • Release date: 08-04-2020


The department is releasing several series of video lessons using open-source curriculum materials in ELA, math, and science. Video series will be available for:

  • K-2 foundational reading and math skills
  • K-8 ELA and math
  • 3-8 science

Each series will include three videos per week, each accompanied by instructional guidance for teachers and additional resources for students or families. A sample weekly schedule might be:

  • Monday and Wednesday: students view and engage with the week’s first two videos independently
  • Tuesday and Thursday: teachers engage with students to support their learning and provide further opportunities for independent practice
  • Friday: teachers and students engage together with the week’s third video and additional instructional activities leading to further independent practice

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